Everything Chaffle

My low carb, keto Everything Chaffle has all the delicious tastiness of a bagel with cream cheese and everything seasoning, but has only 4 net carbs!

But wait… what exactly is a chaffle? A chaffle is a CHeese wAFFLE! Yup! A waffle with cheese. But it gets better. The most basic chaffle is just egg and mozzarella cheese. Can you believe it contains no flour, no wheat flour at all, that is loaded with carbs. Wh-aaaat?!?!

So, let’s see… it is low carb and perfect for keto dieters. It has no wheat flour, so it is gluten free. And it contains no meat so it is vegetarian. Win! Win!… and Win!

Can you tell I am a little excited about this concoction? A chaffle is delicious on its own plus an amazing little base for all kinds of delicious goodness.


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