White Sandwich Bread

My homemade White Sandwich Bread is my absolute favorite bread to make. This easy recipe has great flavor and best of all, it is no knead!

I love making my own bread. Of the things I bake, baking bread makes my house feel like home. As bread rises and is baked, a yeasty sweet aroma wafts through the whole house, filling every room with comfort, happiness, and anticipation.

Homemade bread can elevate any meal to something special and also can be used to make sandwiches, toast, French toast, bread puddings, bread salads, and many other dishes. I generally cut a few slices for dinner on the day I make it. Then, I wrap it tightly in cling wrap and it stays fresh and delicious for about 10 days, even without refrigeration.

But… I think I know what you are thinking. You are thinking… you can’t make bread. But, you can! Seriously! If you’ve never made your own yeast bread before, I bet you haven’t because of one of these 3 reasons:


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