Best Holiday Dinner Tips

Are you starting to worry about your holiday entertaining? Maybe you have the holiday decor decided, the menu roughed out, the guest list firm, and you think you are ready to have the most fun and entertaining party ever. But do you really know how to make your party go smooth and also enjoy yourself?

I would love to help you with that!…


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Leavening Methods and Agents Chart

Do you know the best leavening agent for your next baked treat?  This chart is a quick reference of leavening methods, agents, and their proportions to flour.

Basic Cakes Chart

Looking for a basic cake recipe? This chart contains the most commonly made basic cakes. You can easily see the differences between Angel Food Cake, Pound Cake, and all the cakes in between these two extreme crumb types. See the change in proportions for each cake type plus their ingredients and the methods used in mixing…



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