Bread and Magic

You’ve heard the sayings, “bread is the staff of life”, “bread is life”, and “bread is gold”. They might seem old fashioned and cliché, but bread really does hold a great deal of meaning in our lives. We break bread together to be close and for many of us, bread is a daily need and sometimes a daily ritual.

When I was young, my mom would make my school lunch for me. Commonly, I would get a lovely sandwich of two slices of whole wheat bread that contained delectable bits of meat from the previous night’s dinner. If it was Monday my sandwich would be pot roast. Tuesday would be meatloaf. Wednesday could be a bit of tuna held back from the making of a tuna casserole. But occasionally it would be peanut butter with homemade apricot jam. Even though my sandwich was delicious, I always wished it was like the sandwiches my friends had, peanut butter with Welch’s grape jelly on the popular white sandwich bread of the time, Wonder Bread.


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Leavening Methods and Agents Chart

Do you know the best leavening agent for your next baked treat?  This chart is a quick reference of leavening methods, agents, and their proportions to flour.

Basic Cakes Chart

Looking for a basic cake recipe? This chart contains the most commonly made basic cakes. You can easily see the differences between Angel Food Cake, Pound Cake, and all the cakes in between these two extreme crumb types. See the change in proportions for each cake type plus their ingredients and the methods used in mixing…


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