helpful cooking, baking, and ingredient reference charts for your kitchen adventures

A chart explaining and comparing leavening agents and leavening methods.

Leavening Methods and Agents Chart

Do you know the best leavening agent for your next baked treat? This chart is a quick reference of leavening methods, agents, and their proportions to flour ...
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a chart showing basic cakes, ingredients, proportions, and method used to mix the batters

Basic Cakes Chart

Looking for a basic cake recipe? This chart contains the most commonly made basic cakes. You can easily see the differences between Angel Food Cake, Pound Cake, and all the ...
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Chart of Recipes for Simple Syrups

Simple Syrups Chart

Simple syrups are not just for beverages!  They are also the basis for cooked frostings and candies and are often used in poached fruit desserts. Here is a chart of ...
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Chart showing the basic recipe for a crumb topping and ingredients to enhance it.

Crumb and Streusel Toppings Chart

A handy chart to help you design your own streusel and crumb toppings for muffins, cakes, and pies ...
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Chart showing cooking oil smoking points and whether the oil is neutral in flavor.

Cooking Oil Chart

Did you know that not all cooking oils are alike? Some cooking oils are better suited to be used in salad dressings because of flavor or because they break down ...
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A chart showing the ingredients for 7 quick breads.

Breakfast Quick Breads Chart

7 Basic but Fabulous Quick Breads to Make Your Breakfast Extra Special! ...
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Infographic on The Creaming Method - Ingredients and How to

Creaming Method

The creaming method not only adds air to leaven a mixture, but it also helps to produce a finer crumb. The key is to beat the fat with sugar until ...
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Chart Comparing Basic Pie Crust Doughs

Pie Crusts Chart

Find the perfect crust for your next pie adventure here! ...
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