How to make THE BEST Chaffles

A chaffle is a waffle made with egg and cheese and is low-carb and gluten-free.

Most chaffles are less than 3 net carbs and can be made to taste like: waffles, bagels, and even bread!


All you need is one egg and one ounce of shredded cheese to make 2 basic chaffles.

Beat one egg and add the shredded cheese to make the batter.

Cook one half of the batter in a mini-waffle maker.

After cooking one chaffle, repeat and cook the rest of the batter.

PRO TIPS on how to make the BEST chaffles...


Pre-heat the waffle maker. The batter will steam when the maker is closed if the waffle maker is hot enough.

Pro Tip #1

Chop the shredded cheese. The chaffle will brown more evenly.

Pro Tip #2

Spread the batter to the edge of the waffle maker. This makes nicely round chaffles.

Pro Tip #3

Cook for the minimum time, then check if done. 

Pro Tip #4

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