Baked Beans Supreme with Bacon

Sweet and tangy Baked Beans Supreme are made with three types of beans and loads of bacon...

... and will please a large crowd for summer barbecues and autumn cook outs.

You can cook the bacon and assemble the beans the night before and bake them the next day! 

Pro Tip!


Large Radish

• molasses   • tomato paste • brown sugar   • dijon mustard • vinegar • Worcestershire sauce • crushed pineapple beans • onion • cooked bacon

for these baked beans you will need...


In a large bowl mix together the molasses, tomato paste, brown sugar, dijon mustard, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and pineapple.

Add the pork and beans, kidney beans, lima beans, onion, bacon and stir to combine.


Place the beans in a casserole, cover, and bake low and slow.


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