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Unprocess Your Food!

Yesterday, I was at Target browsing the kitchen aisle when my eye caught on the side panels of personal waffle maker boxes.  Usually, you find information about the new handy dandy appliance you are perusing, like features and its wattage.  But, this time I smiled and stopped to take a closer look.  The sides of these boxes were bright red and white emblazoned with the words, “Unprocess Your Food!”.  So catchy! Right?

Stacked Boxes of Small Appliances

Upon closer look it seems this is the work of a company named “Dash” that is encouraging people to make food from scratch at home, of course by using their appliances.  Which I am all for… making food from scratch at home.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the waffle maker was very cute.  But, I already have two which are only used on special occasions.  Because waffles really do take time… and can bust my attempt to watch calories.

But, it did make me start to think about making something special for breakfast… which reminded me of a cooked oatmeal I used to make for John and me.  It’s totally unprocessed. 

This oatmeal contains whole oats and every ingredient is almost always in my pantry and fridge.  I love making it with Fairlife whole milk, which gives me an extra protein boost.  But, if you are watching your fats, you can make it with non-fat milk and have an extra special heart healthy breakfast to start the day.  That’s the beauty of cooking at home from scratch.  You get to choose your ingredients to match your health needs.

As you look through the recipe, you might be concerned with the little extra time it will take to make this oatmeal.  Trust me.  It is worth the time and you might not ever want to boil water again to make instant oatmeal!

Today’s Recipe is:  Good Morning Oatmeal with Sweetened Dried Cranberries and Orange Zest

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