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    Steakhouse Dinner Rolls

    Steakhouse Dinner Rolls piled high and ready to eat. They are in a decorative tin container and a grey and white cloth is draped around it.

    Homemade Steakhouse Dinner Rolls are better than the rolls at your favorite steakhouse.  Sweet, salty, buttery, and less than 100 calories each!

    Close-up view of Steakhouse Dinner Rolls in a decorative tin container.

    These fun little rolls are absolutely delicious! Made with simple ingredients, you will be amazed that making these homemade rolls is so easy.

    so, here’s the backstory of why I’m sharing this recipe with you…

    Several weeks ago, my husband and I decided to try a local steakhouse that we had heard was reliably good from friends and colleagues.  In the past when we have driven past this restaurant, the parking lot has been packed.  It is so busy that if you arrive more than 30 minutes after opening time, you will have a long wait to get a table.

    So, we decided to go right as the restaurant opened to give it a try.  We have just moved to a new town and want to find all the best places to grab a bite.

    We were immediately seated and our drink order was taken.  As we were perusing the menu for tasty steaks and sides, the waiter dropped off a basket of freshly baked rolls that had been brushed with melted butter.  My husband immediately pulled one from the basket.  It was warm and smelled heavenly of yeast and homemade goodness.  Or… at least at first it did.

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    Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Garlic

    Cozy Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Garlic is a whole meal in one pan. No one would ever guess it takes just 10 minutes to prepare!

    Side View of Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Garlic on a Cutting/Serving Board

    A roast chicken with potatoes dinner always makes me think of home and what “home cooking” means to me.  Growing up my mom used to make a Sunday dinner that was slow cooked or slow roasted.  While a pot roast would take most of the afternoon after church to cook, a roast chicken dinner was just as easy to bring together to go into the oven and took about half the time.  That time, while the chicken was roasting, was when we could catch up with each other with what was happening in school and at work.

    In this age it is hard to image, just having time to sit and talk.  My best memories are of the times gathered at the dining table with some coffee, tea, or juice and a small snack.  There was no tv in the background. No cell phones to distract and for our community, it was common courtesy not to telephone on Sunday unless it was urgent.  Those were truly the days of “mindfulness” and really learning about each other and yourself during the quiet times.

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    Italian Meat Sauce

    Landscape of Italian Meat Sauce over Bucatini Pasta on a White Plate with a Fork. A bottle of red wine and glass in the background.

    This is seriously the best Italian Meat Sauce. Every time I make it, friends and family ask for the recipe. It is rich. It is savory. This is the sauce you dream of!

    Although I call it an “Italian Meat Sauce”, it actually is a type of Bolognese sauce. My recipe came from my Mom, who got the recipe decades ago from her Italian neighbors, Alex and Teresa, in San Francisco. The only changes I’ve made to the recipe is to not use ground veal (I never buy or use veal) or to include rosemary. I personally think rosemary overpowers the dish, but that is my preference. If you love rosemary by all means add a tablespoon of fresh, crushed leaves when you add the other herbs.

    You can buy the ingredients for my Italian Meat Sauce at most grocery stores. There is nothing exotic and you might already have on hand most of the ingredients. Even San Marzano whole tomatoes are at my local Walmart and Trader Joe’s. But if you cannot find this type of canned tomatoes, use your favorite brand. Because San Marzano tomatoes tend to be ever so slightly sweeter than regular tomatoes, add a scant teaspoon of white granulated sugar to the batch of sauce as it simmers.

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    German Potato Salad

    German Potato Salad in a White Bowl - Left View Portrait Image

    Delicious warm or cold, German Potato Salad is an all-time favorite for potlucks, picnics, and barbeques. The slightly sweet but tangy dressing contains no mayonnaise, so it is a perfect choice for hot weather.

    German Potato Salad in a White Bowl - Right View Square Image

    I love summer. But sometimes the weather is so hot, my meal planning becomes routine and ordinary. So I think… “let’s eat alfresco!”…but mayo is a big hard no. So, salads that are typically “summer” salads like macaroni and potato are not even in my consideration.

    But then there is German Potato Salad. Loaded with onion and bacon, it is a hot weather favorite of mine because there is no mayonnaise to worry about. Made mostly with pantry items and produce staples means I don’t have to go to the market just to make this dish.