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Royal Wedding Viewing Party Treats

I know all around the world there are many people just as excited as I am about the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and his lovely bride to be Meghan Markle.  Even my husband is excited!

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You see, we were in London on our honeymoon the day their engagement was announced. Actually, we were on a tour bus to Windsor Castle when a royal motorcade passed us as we were approaching Windsor.  Our guide was so excited!  He immediately speculated that we had just passed the Queen’s motorcade heading back to London.  But, when entered the town to park near The Castle, the Queen’s flag was still flying, indicating she was still in residence.  Another speculation came from our guide.  It must have been Prince Charles returning after spending the weekend at Windsor.  As we were touring Windsor Castle, the engagement announcement hit the newswires and social media!  Needless, to say we had a very exciting day at Windsor Castle.

My husband has said several times we just have to watch the wedding.  Gee… I am so very lucky!  I have a man that doesn’t only love football… and has a big romantic heart!

When the announcement came of what the flavors of the Royal Wedding Cake would be, 

I just knew I had to make a few special treats for our viewing of The Wedding based on that profile, elderflower and lemon.  I am so excited!

Now, elderflower is an unusual flavor and can be hard to find.  Luckily, there are several liqueurs flavored with elderflower and there is a syrup made by Monin that is also flavored with elderflower.  So, I set my mind as to what to make with these two ingredients.

Can you celebrate an event like this without bubbles?  I can’t!  The very first thing I thought of creating is a Mimosa.  So, the first recipe I have to share with you is a lovely elderflower scented lemon mimosa.  Whether, you are watching the Royal Wedding live, or you are taping it to have a viewing party later in the day, I know you will love this very special bubbly treat!

…AND if you do not care for alcohol, I also have directions on how to make this bubbly treat without any alcohol.

Today’s Recipe is:  Elderflower and Lemon Mimosas

Elderflower and Lemon Mimosas on a beautiful tray.

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