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Are you a wine lover?  Whether you are a wine enthusiast or haven’t quite found a wine you like, you will love a red wine dessert sauce with fresh berries.

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I first created this recipe years ago for a small get together with friends that included dinner.  I wanted an easy dessert that wouldn’t take a large amount of prep on the day of the event.  So, I decided on serving ice cream… but wanted to make it extra memorable.  It was summer and every berry was in season and in the stores.  So, a berry sauce seemed the best choice.  But… it had to be very special.

Generally, fruit sauces are made by cooking sugar and water, which is the same as making a simple syrup...

… and then adding fruit and possibly other flavors to make a sauce.  If it is a hard fruit, like apples or pears, the fruit is often cooked in the syrup until it is tender. 

A simple grilled seasoned steak was my entrée and I had chosen a lovely red wine, a Malbec from Catena Vineyards in Argentina, to be served at dinner.  It was very fruit forward with red berry flavors and had a lovely soft chocolate finish.  So, I decided to use some of it, instead of plain water, as the basis of the sauce.  But, that wasn’t enough.  I was going to make this sauce luscious with a bounty of berries.  So, I added berries to the syrup as it simmered.  Then before my guests arrived… I added even more fresh berries to the sauce.

My guests were wowed.  They had seconds… then asked if there was any more of the berry sauce to take home.  I am not kidding.  This sauce is so good you will want to lick the bowl!

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with red wine sauce with berries in a fountain glass.

Today’s Recipe is: Red Wine Sauce with Berries

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