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Not My Great Grandmother’s Biscuits

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It used to drive me absolutely nuts that I couldn’t make a biscuit as good as my Dad’s grandmother.  You see, every time I made biscuits my Dad would say, “these are okay, but my grandmother made the best biscuits!” 

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Seriously, you hear that once or twice and it is a great motivator to make a better biscuit.  But, I heard it each and every time from Dad. 

I was so disheartened and it took me years to realize that Grandma Simpson didn’t just make the best darned biscuits in the world… she baked love.  Love that my Dad craved after his mother died, when he was only a few years old.  So, of course, she made the best biscuits in the world!

So, now you know that the title of this post is not about a recipe for “Horseradish Biscuits with Prosciutto and Truffle Oil”.  You know those recipes, “Not Your Mama’s Whatever”. 

The recipe I’m sharing today is a basic biscuit that is dressed up with flavors that go very well together, cheddar cheese and chives.  

This really is the basic recipe for biscuits that you see in the chart “Breakfast Quick Breads”.  I did switch out regular salt to a mix of onion and garlic salt to boost the chive flavor.  But, the only additional ingredients are the chives and the cheese.  Adding cheese to the dough adds weight to the dough.  So, I compensated by doubling the leavening, which in this case is baking powder.  Lastly, I also increased the milk slightly because the dried chives made the dough a little drier.

Now, you might be wondering… why isn’t there baking soda in this recipe?  This is because baking soda requires an acid to activate it.  If you were to use buttermilk, you could use half the baking powder and add 1 ½ teaspoons of baking soda.  Many recipes for biscuits contain buttermilk and baking soda.  But, I don’t generally have buttermilk on hand.  For me it is a special buy and I would only purchase buttermilk, if I had another recipe that used it so I could use it all.

Did my great-grandmother use buttermilk?  Probably. 

Dad and his family lived on a farm that had chickens and dairy cows.  Butter was made on the farm and everything was used up, including the liquid left after churning the butter.

So…  you might be thinking that buttermilk was my missing ingredient that made my Grandma Simpson’s biscuits so darned delicious.  Nope.  I tried buttermilk.  Dad still said his grandmother’s biscuits were better!

Today’s recipe is:  Cheese Biscuits with Chives

Today’s chart is:  Breakfast Quick Breads

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