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Welcome to the new blog design for Encharted Cook!  Over this past year, I discovered Encharted Cook could be so much better and so much more.  So for 2 weeks in October, I began a much needed website and blog redesign.  I hope you will enjoy this fresh new look and these improved features:

  • Improved Site Navigation
  • Jump Button to the Recipe
  • Jump Button to Print a Recipe
  • Special Pinterest Pins
  • Recipes Conversions to Metric
  • Nutritional Information for Recipes

I still have much to do and things to learn in WordPress… and, yes, I know
the Pinterest Pin App is misbehaving and the “Read More” button is annoyingly present on the single post page. But, it was time to take a leap to a better platform and format.

While you are here, have a look at the very first recipe post on the new blog design, Elegant One Pan Turkey Dinner. It showcases all of the features listed above!

Please let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. 

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