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Encharted Cook Now On YouTube!

A few weeks ago, I did a test video on my Lillet Bellini recipe and announced it only on Facebook, just to get my feet wet in video.  It was a start.  It only had 12 views, but at least I had created a short video and shared it.  But that was as far as I went.  Only one video and only shared on Facebook.

It was a small start, but a start none the less.  Even though I’m not feeling completely comfortable to committing to video, I know it is what I want to do… and always dreamed of doing.  

You see, several years ago I took a day course in movie production and then followed up with 2 semesters of cinema arts at my local community college.  I was very interested in how a story is told visually. Because, how often have you heard “the book was better than the movie”?

I was enthralled with the methods of how a story was told visually.

I wrote papers about it.  I began to understand why the best movies are started with an exceptional script and I thought, “this is what I want to do!”  That dream ended when I finished my second semester of cinema arts.  Because, the third semester meant writing, shooting, and editing a short film.

My real job was demanding and the thought of shooting up to an hour of film was daunting.  So, I put it off to when my job would be easier, which never came.  I lamented I didn’t have a good camera.  I worried that editing would be late nights that would be unproductive.  I had every excuse and felt my excuses were very good, because “Excuses only Satisfy the Man who Makes Them”. (Thank you Mrs. Heinzman from the 9th grade for that quote!)

But in all honesty, I was chicken.  My fear of failure totally kicked in after viewing the films that the prior semester’s class had produced.  Those films were very, very good.  One was exceptional and I was certain I had set a bar of professional perfection that was way too far for my reach. 

Flash Forward to Present Day

After attending a presentation last month of “Why you must do Facebook live events”, I became brave enough again to inch toward video.  “Live” was just too much for me, so I did an exhaustive search for online tools and found some production help online that creates storyboards quickly from blog posts.  That one single process made it easier to take the leap and in only one afternoon I created my first “video”.  You know… the video only posted on Facebook, viewed by 12 people, of how I created the recipe of a Lillet Bellini?

A few weeks later I wanted to add that video to my website.  Unfortunately, my website tools wouldn’t let me add it without it being hosted on YouTube.  Rats!!  Another set-up to do!  But, I took it in small steps to think through the best implementation and…. drumroll please!  I’m really excited to say…

I finally opened my YouTube channel for Encharted Cook!

Ta Daaaaaa!

Since I’m now committed to do some videos, I want to make it as convenient as possible for everyone to find and view my videos. So, when I do have a video that is worth sharing, you will be able to find it in these places:

On at each of these three locations:

     The Dish (home) page

     The Recipe page to which it is related

     The Video page (NEW PAGE!)

and, also, on My Channel on YouTube:

YouTube Red and Black Logo

Wow… You might notice that my channel URL is not at all pronounceable or easy on the eyes. At this time, it has an odd assortment of letters and numbers for its designation.  I know it isn’t pretty.

But, once I get 100 subscribers to my channel, I can apply for the name of the URL to include “enchartedcook” and the alphabet soup will go away.  Hmmm… Is that how Google came to name its parent company “Alphabet”?  Probably not… but I do find that funny!

So, I would sincerely like to ask… would you please subscribe to my YouTube channel?

Thanks so much… and Happy Cooking!


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