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Encharted Cook is Now on Yummly!

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I am so excited to announce that The Encharted Cook is now a publisher on Yummly!  Each of my recipes has a Yum button that you can use to save recipes from my site to your own personal recipe box on Yummly. To find me quickly on the Yummly website, please visit:

Thank you all for your readership and support!  

Added Note on 4/15/2018: 

Dear Readers,

Although, I have applied for publisher status on Yummly, the above link is not yet active.  I deeply appologize for this, but to become a publisher on Yummly you must advertize your participation on the Yummly site as I stated in the above post.

When Yummly has activated the link, I will let you know through another posting.

Thank you so much for your understanding…

Happy Cooking!


P.S.:  I heard later today from the nice folks at Yummly that my publisher page on Yummly is now active and at this location:

Woot woot!!  Thank you Jessica at Yummly for the help!!

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