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Nothing signals change more vividly than the changes we witness when one season ends and another begins.  But, it often seems that the external seasonal changes we witness can also signal internal or personal changes.  I love Autumn… and I was especially looking forward to this particular week when we seamlessly move to End of Summer Days and approach the Fall with the anticipation of a New Year and new beginning.  Because the beginning of a new school year has always felt like the beginning of a New Year, even though I have been out of school for so many, many, years.  But, the week was not filled with the happy anticipation I expected.  Sadly, it became something entirely different.

I’m sorry to say there is no recipe for this week.  Despite this disappointing news, I do want to let you know you can look forward to many special recipes and helpful charts in the remaining weeks of this year.

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It’s time to face some difficult personal changes.

It’s been a difficult week for me.  Unfortunately, my dear brother, Steve, has been in declining health this year… and this week I had to face the unhappy truth that he is not going to be the same as he has been these last several years.  In fact, he is declining rapidly and I have been alerted that the decline is irreversible.  I am now faced with finding additional support to help him be independent for as long as possible. 

I just didn’t see this coming so fast.  I knew it was happening.  But, I never anticipated he would fail in mind and body so very quickly.  You know… you can “know” something, but when the reality comes, it can still be difficult and painful.

So, creativity and pretty blog photos were just not in my wheelhouse this week.  My brain was on problem solving duty and just wouldn’t switch to creative mode.  Instead, I spent this week fixing issues with Encharted Cook’s website, planning the remaining year’s blog posts, and charts.

Blogging has been a Learning Process

I made a mistake a few months ago by renaming my Home page, “The Dish”.  I thought I was giving “The Dish” a spot light.  Instead, I made it more difficult to find posts on the site.  Duh!

A little redesign was in order.  The “Home” page is back and once again is a listing of every blog post with the most current being listed at the top of the page.  This page still easily lets you see posts that were grouped together, which often means they are related.

“The Dish” now has its own page.  So, if you are looking for a specific newsy post of how a recipe came to be… or what was on my mind in a particular week, you will find it on the new page, “The Dish”.

The last significant change was the addition of a page for subscribing.  Although, I had a subscription form at the bottom of each page, this was not working for mobile users.  I’m not at all well known, so I really want to make it easier for anyone to subscribe regardless of the platform.

If you see something that is not right or could be better on the website, please do let me know by email or the comments section.  The buck stops with me as I have designed the website by myself and I’m sure there are plenty of improvements that still could be made.

I’ve Designed Encharted Cook the Way I’d Like to Read a Blog

It might not be obvious, but you might have noticed that Encharted Cook is different from many of the food and recipe blogs being posted these days.  Early on I decided I wanted my blog to be simple and not have any of the elements that annoy me as a reader. 

This means there are no pop-ups, no ads, and no extremely long posts on Encharted Cook. 

I don’t like being interrupted while trying to read and I think most readers feel the same way.  I also don’t like the idea of creating a long-winded post, solely to try to boost the SEO Google ranking of my website.  I feel if I create good content that I am proud of, I will have won good ranking for good reason.  I am happier knowing I did my best and did not try to shortcut my way to good regard.

My posts and site are also designed so you can directly go to a recipe without a long “how to” explanation.  I especially dislike that type of post and generally do not create them.  Since beginning this blog I’ve only tried that post style a couple times and each time I still posted the recipe separate from the long explanatory blog. 

Looking back at those two posts, “Green Goddess – A True Classic” and “Home Again, Home Again”, I think these posts are very nice and if I had the right topic, I would repeat the style.  But, not because I am trying to game my ranking.

Autumn and the Holidays are Coming

In the end, despite no recipe posting, I hope this post is useful and explains why you’ve seen so many changes to the website this week and also the vision of my website design. 

I had the goal to go into the Fall and Holidays knowing there was nothing on the website that absolutely had to be fixed or changed and at the very least, I feel I accomplished that goal this week.

So, here’s to Fall, and all the changes it brings…

Happy Cooking to All…


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