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Most days in our house, breakfast is strictly high protein.  It’s the type of breakfast I grew up with and the kind my husband prefers to start his work day off right.  But, we have several days in the year that breakfast or brunch just has to include a baked breakfast treat.  Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries just don’t seem to be totally festive without some little tasty home baked treat.

So, with Easter and Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, I thought this was a good time to share a few of my favorite recipes for breakfast quick breads.  I also have a new chart to share with you that lists the recipes for 7 basic quick breads; pancakes, muffins, coffee cake, quick bread, biscuits, waffles, and scones.  These are strictly unadorned basic recipes that can easily be flavored, fruited, and/or spiced to suit your occasion and palate.

I wanted to make something different!

Today, I’m sharing a scone recipe I developed a few years ago.  I wanted to make something different from the usual scone flavors of currant, cranberry with orange, and mixed berry.  As I was contemplating a flavor profile.  I thought about what I really liked.

Peanut butter immediately came to mind. It’s a two for one for adding flavor and fat to a recipe. But, since I’m definitely my father’s daughter… I just knew I wanted to add maple flavor.  Dad absolutely loved maple bar donuts and pancakes with maple syrup and I wanted to make something Dad might have loved too.  Luckily, This flavor combination works very well.  The maple definitely enhances the peanut butter.  The best part of all is that these scones are super easy to make and are also great as an afternoon snack. 

A couple quick notes about this recipe:  I did add more baking powder than I generally would for a scone.  It seems peanut butter can make baked goods have a denser crumb and a little extra baking powder helps.  I also used a straight, not serrated, knife to cut these little cuties.  It helps the lines come out nice and straight.  Lastly, be aware that when you pat the dough out to the 9″square that you might want to square the corners by placing the knife against the edge of the dough.  This helps  keep your lines nice and sharp, so every scone is a nice little triangle.

That’s all for now!  I sincerely hope you enjoy these cute little scones!

Petite Peanut Butter Scones with Butter

Today’s recipe is:  Petite Peanut Butter Scones

Today’s charts are:  Breakfast Quick Breads and Washes for Baked Goods

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