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A Perfect Summer Sip

Lillet Bellinis in a variety of glassware.

Sometimes, you just want something different… Right?  A couple months ago I was really missing not having a glass of my favorite aperitif, Lillet Blanc.  It had been a very long time since I had this flavorful refresher.

I was first introduced to Lillet Blanc about fifteen years ago during a Wine Sensory Experience class and I was hooked.  The instructor served it in the classic way of over ice with a fresh slice of orange at a Meet and Greet… and for me it was love at first sip.

Lillet Blanc is a French liqueur made from Semillon grapes, orange liqueurs, and a bit of quinine bitters to balance it out.  It is sweet but not too sweet, honey colored, and filled with the delicate aromas and flavors of white flowers and candied orange peel.  To me it smells and tastes like summer.

But that night I wanted something different.

I pulled the ever-present bottle of Lillet from the refrigerator, loaded my glass with ice, and stopped.  I wanted something more.  As I searched the fridge for something different, I glanced toward the door and found a bottle of peach schnapps tucked into the door and thought, “Why Not?”

So, I poured my favorite Lillet over the ice and then topped it with a small amount of peach schnapps… gave it a little stir and took a sip.    Oh my!   Summer just got an upgrade!

I took my glass and padded into the living room to happily watch tv with my hubby, who immediately spied the glass and asked, “What did you make?”  I gleefully handed the glass to him to have a taste and he asked if I could make him one as well.

Back then I knew immediately I wanted to share this recipe.  My only problem was, what was I going to name it?  Fuzzy Lillet?  Beachy Lillet?  Lillet on the Beach?   Ummmm…. No… No… and definitely No!  I was stuck for a name.  It’s taken me a couple of months, but I finally realized to just keep it simple and memorable and I knew at heart it really was a Bellini… without the sparkler.  But then, you could add a bit of Prosecco too!

Today’s Recipe is:  Lillet Bellini

Lillet Bellini in a rocks glass garnished with rosemary and a slice of nectarine.

P.S.:  I am not compensated to endorse Lillet… I just love it and want to spread the word!

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